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All photos Copyright ©2003-2020 Gary Cobb and contributing photographers
22/05/04 and 20/08/08
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Aplysia nigrocincta von Martens, 1880
Location: Caves, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia
Size: 25 mm
Depth: 11 m
Temperature: 21 C

Family: Aplysiidae


Photographs by Gary Cobb, David Mullins, Terry Farr and Julie Schubert - Copyright 2003-2020

NOTE. Recent research as shown the widespread sea hare species Aplysia parvula includes four genetically distinct lineages, containing a total of ten
different species. Aplysia parvula is retained for a species from the north-eastern Atlantic. GOLESTANI ET AL.
According to Valdes all the animals we find here are probably Aplysia nigrocincta.

Below: Colonies found at Forskali Park off Caloundra 9m 18C

Above and below: 20 mm animal found at Nudi Retreat Currimundi

Below: The animals found at Woody Point tend to be pale yellow/orange to orange with white spots and specks.