Nudibranchs - Sunshine Coast etc. / 3336d
All photos Copyright ©2003-2024 Gary Cobb and contributing photographers
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Ardeadoris averni (Rudman, 1985)
[Previously known as Glossodoris averni]

Location: Old Woman Is north reef, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia
Size: 70 mm
Depth: 7 m
Temperature: 24 C

FAMILY: Chromodorididae

white orange

Photographs by Gary Cobb - Copyright 2003-2024

Below: These two animals were found at Northwest Reef Old Woman Island. The two were trailing each other. One has peppering on the mantle. Both have a brown foot margin!
Richard Willan says: "I take this discovery to indicate Ardeadoris averni and Goniobranchus rufomaculatus are evolving to resemble each other on the Sunshine Coast: A. averni can possess some speckling (whereas it is normally all white elsewhere in eastern Australia). Goniobranchus rufomaculatus can lose all its dorsal speckling (whereas it is normally extensively speckled elsewhere in the Indo-Pacific)."

Species differences.
The main difference between A. avarni and A. aff. averni is that the edge of the foot is
white as in A. aff. averni and orange in A. averni. See below.

Note orange foot margin